Thursday, June 29, 2017

Update: Driver cited for driving truck in to river: Cowlitz Sheriff uses divers to remove truck from Lewis River from yesterdays accident (Photo)


News Release from Cowlitz Co. Sheriff's Office
Posted on FlashAlert: June 29th, 2017 4:59 PM
Downloadable file: Cowlitz Dive Rescue
Update: 6-29-17. Cowlitz Deputy Landen Jones located Mr. Powser in Woodland last night and confirmed that Powser drove his 1991 GMC pickup truck in to the Lewis River on Tuesday because he was despondent over difficulties in his relationship with his girlfriend. Powser was cited and released for the misdemeanor crime of Unlawful Use of Department of Wildlife Lands. He is scheduled to appear in Cowlitz District Court on July 12th at 1:00 p.m. He was not injured in the event.

The photo attached to this media release shows members of Cowlitz Dive Rescue on the river yesterday when they dove down in to the river to help connect to the truck to be towed out of the river. The truck was completely submerge below where the boat was in this photo. It is roughly in the 4400 block of Lewis River Road.


Cowlitz County WA: Cowlitz County Deputies used divers from Cowlitz Dive Rescue to retrieve the pickup truck from the Lewis River from yesterdays event.

When Deputies arrived yesterday about 2:00 p.m. in the 4400 block of Lewis River road they learned that a man, Darin Powser, 59 of Woodland, told a fisherman in the area that he was upset over an argument with his girlfriend, and asked if he could call 911 and when the fisherman told him that he did not have cell coverage, he told him to tell the deputies they could find him in the river. At that point Powser drove his truck in to the Lewis River where it promptly sank in to a deep hole. Deputies and Fire Fighters searched the area and learned that other people saw Power leaving the water and running away, after the truck had entered the water. He did not appear to be injured. (I do not have their names either).

The truck is owned by Powser.

I do not have the name of the fisherman or the girlfriend yet. The report should be turned in later today.

I do not have pictures. If I get any I will send them out on flashnews, please do not call me just to ask for pictures.

Special thanks to the PacifiCorp who reduced the flow of the Lewis River slightly while divers were in the river to remove the truck.

Deputies working this are still in the field and that is why the details are limited.
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