Monday, June 19, 2017

Cleaning up after fireworks can prevent stream pollution and protect fish


News Release from Clark Co. WA Communications
Posted on FlashAlert: June 19th, 2017 2:06 PM
Vancouver, Wash. - With fireworks going on sale next week, Clark County reminds residents they need to clean up fireworks debris to keep harmful pollutants out of our creeks, rivers and streams.

Fireworks contain metals, nitrates and sulfur, along with paper, plastic and other materials. If fireworks residue is not swept up after Fourth of July festivities, rain will wash these pollutants into nearby storm drains.

In some areas, storm drains and pipes carry untreated stormwater directly into waterways, where pollutants harm fish and other aquatic life.

"There are many steps the public can take to help keep our local waterways clean," said Dean Boening, Clean Water manager. "We all have the responsibility to reduce pollution. If you use fireworks, you need to use them safely and responsibly, and that includes cleaning up afterward."

Also, failing to clean up fireworks residue is littering, a violation of Washington law and Clark County ordinance. Clark County Public Works does not provide extra street sweeping after Independence Day.

Residents should use fireworks only during legal discharge times, which vary across the county. Clark County's website has a handy chart showing when fireworks can legally be used in different areas. You can find it at

To learn about other simple steps you can take to keep our water clean, visit the county's website,

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