Monday, May 15, 2017

Update to prior Estacada Incident Release


News Release from Sandy Police Dept.
Posted on FlashAlert: May 15th, 2017 6:05 PM
he Sandy Police Department responded to an incident at the Estacada Harvest Market Thriftway at about 1415 hours on 5/15/17. The initial reports provided to dispatchers, was that a male subject armed with a knife, ran into the store carrying a severed human head. As the call progressed, additional callers stated that the subject had stabbed a store employee. He, along with other store employees, disarmed the subject, and subdued him to await the arrival of the police. The first officers on scene, from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and the Sandy Police Department, found the subject subdued in a rear area of the store. The injured store employee, 66 year old Estacada resident Michael Wagner, was treated on scene by Estacada Fire Department and American Medical Response paramedics before being transported to the hospital.

As the incident response progressed, the many responding officers determined that the severed human head belonged to a victim from an incident on Elwood Road, in Colton. Please refer to the press releases provided by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office for further information on that incident.

Michael Wagner, the stabbing victim, is recovering at a local hospital. He and his family have requested to not be contacted by the media at this time.

The suspect, Joshua Lee Webb, has been charged with Attempted Aggravated Murder in connection with the incident at the Thriftway store.

We do not anticipate releasing any further information on this case.


At about 1415 hours, Sandy Police Department and Clackamas County Sheriff's Office responded to a death at the Estacada Thriftway located at 280 S Broadway, in Estacada. Once they arrived, they found another victim of assault inside the store. That victim was transported to the hospital. Officers found the suspect on scene, and he was taken into custody without incident. He was then transported to the hospital for evaluation. At this time, we are not releasing any names of any involved parties.

The Sandy Police Department provides contract police services to the City of Estacada. The Clackamas County Major Crimes Team that is currently investigating the incident, is comprised of members from all local agencies, and is used in incidents of this type. When all the appropriate notifications have been made, and when all of the details are known, another press release will be issued via FlashAlert, or the Sandy Police Department app.
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