Monday, May 15, 2017

Oregon Safety Belt Campaign


News Release from Tualatin Police Dept.
Posted on FlashAlert: May 15th, 2017 12:51 PM
Downloadable file: May_2017_Safety_Belt_Blitz.pdf
Tualatin Police will be conducting a safety enforcement blitz starting May 15, 2017. The project will focus on proper safety belt use including child seat use. With onset of warmer weather, officers will also be checking compliance with laws prohibiting transportation of a minor in an open pickup truck bed.

Tualatin Police will join with police agencies nationwide for the annual, "Click it or ticket" campaign that runs from May 15 through May 28. Oregon agencies will focus on educating drivers on the importance of all occupants using safety restraints or a child safety system appropriate for their size.

Roadside observations of belt use among Oregon travelers in 2016 revealed 96% of travelers use safety belts. But despite this high use rate among the general population, Oregon crash data for 2015 shows lack of belt use in 27% of daytime and 50% of nighttime crashes. ODOT estimates that at least half of those who died unbelted or 67 persons could have been saved if everyone used safety belts on every trip.
Safety belts used correctly can reduce the risk of major crash injury or death by up to 65%. Belts are even more effective when used in combination with airbag systems and other not-so-obvious occupant protection features designed into today's vehicles.

For safety belt systems, "proper use" means lap belt placed low across hips and shoulder belt crossing center of the chest over the collarbone. Belts should be free of slack and lying flat with no twists or knots. If the shoulder belt portion of the belt rides up onto the neck or feels uncomfortable, comfort may be increased by using the built-in adjuster or by moving seat position. The shoulder belt should NOT be placed under the arm or behind the back -- this can cause serious internal injuries or ejection in a crash.

Oregon law enforcement agencies are committed to reducing traffic crash injuries and deaths by promoting safety belt use and encouraging other safe driving behaviors through active enforcement and education.

The safety enforcement campaign is a federally funded program administered by ODOT.
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