Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gresham cracks down on illegal RV parking


News Release from City of Gresham
Posted on FlashAlert: May 17th, 2017 9:36 AM
GRESHAM, OR. -- The Gresham City Council took decisive action to curb the influx of recreational vehicles illegally parked on city streets during their meeting Tuesday afternoon. Effective immediately, City of Gresham will require an application for a free permit for residents who plan to park their RVs on a city street for up to 72 hours. This free, easy online process will help the City track and enforce RV parking throughout the city. Those without a permit will experience swift enforcement.

"The entire Portland metropolitan region has seen a sharp uptick in illegally parked RVs on neighborhood streets, heavily impacting safety, livability and transportation mobility," said Mayor Shane Bemis. "This code change gives us the tools we need to handle these situations expediently, without overly burdening residents who are temporarily loading or unloading their RVs."

In 2015 the City tracked 74 code enforcement cases related to RVs, with that number rising to 212 in 2016. Current City Code already imposes a 72-hour limit on RV parking, but is difficult to monitor and enforce without a permit system. The new ordinance allows parking of RVs immediately adjacent to occupied single-family homes or duplexes. Permits will only be issued to the owner or lawful tenant of the property. If residents need to have their RV parked on the street or if a friend or relative is coming to visit with their RV, the resident will need to obtain the free permit. Residents are eligible for up to six permits a year. The online application is quick and easy--residents just need their utility bill account number and the license plate number of the RV that will be parked on the street. No permit is required for immediate loading and unloading.

"We have all seen the negative impact caused by long-term, illegal RV parking in our neighborhoods, we have heard our residents loudly and clearly, and in Gresham, we will not be tolerating the heavy impacts illegal RVs cause," Bemis said.

For more information, and to apply for a permit:

**Mayor Bemis will be available for media inquiries on Wednesday, May 17.**
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