Thursday, May 25, 2017

City to Perform Annual Water Main Flushing in June (Photo)


News Release from City of Wilsonville
Posted on FlashAlert: May 25th, 2017 5:04 PM
Downloadable file: 2017 Water Line Flushing Schedule
WILSONVILLE, OR -- In June the City's Public Works Department is planning to flush all of the City's main water lines in order to remove naturally occurring mineral deposits from the pipes. Annual flushing ensures optimal water quality for Wilsonville's residents and helps verify operational readiness of hydrants, valves and blow-off assemblies that make up the system.

Throughout June the City is planning to completely flush all of the City's public water lines in three different phases as follows:
* June 1--16; all areas north of the Willamette River and south of Boeckman Road
* June 19--23; all areas north of Boeckman Road
* June 26-30; all areas south of the Willamette River (Charbonneau)

After the water lines are flushed community members may observe the water has a rust-colored tint caused by naturally occurring iron deposits in the pipes that are scoured-out during flushing. This is normal and the water is completely safe to consume and use, but the City recommends that residents avoid doing light colored laundry if discolored water is observed. To address discolored water, residents should run all their cold water fixtures for several minutes to clear the lines and also flush the toilets once or twice each. After taking these measures the water should run clear again within a few minutes. For some private plumbing systems, more flushing may be necessary to clear the lines completely.

Community members are reminded to provide crews plenty of room to work safely while sharing the roadway and slowing down when driving passing work sites. To minimize traffic congestion on major roadways the City is completing some flushing activities at night.

For more information regarding the City's annual water main flushing program, contact the Public Works Department at 503-570-4092.
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